Thursday, 5 January 2012

TTFN Christmas


The flat's now back to it's empty self. The bunting's coming along slowly, hopefully it'll be up for Spring. I'm also planning on sampling a few more patterns from this wonderful book

So the flat should be bright and beautiful again in no time. (fingers crossed)

It's now been three months since le Boof and I moved up to York. He's attending uni up here and after six and a half years of being together, it made sense for me to tag along and for us to start the next stage of our relationship living together in our own little flat!
My part to play is earning the money at the moment, however, as far as full time jobs are concerned, the outlook is still fairly bleak. The radio news reports keep telling me that unemployment is at an all time high and fewer companies are hiring full time staff due to the economic situation (blah blah blah, cheers radio news). Fortunately for me though, the people I worked for before the big move have kept me on their books part time, and send me up boxes of jackets to put new zips in. Which brings me, far more importantly, to the wonderful new bit of furniture I got my hands on last month.

I received it from a very nice lady on our local Freecycle (if you've not discovered it yet, check out your local group, it's fantastic and ours has a wonderful community spirit to it).  It's specifically a sewing table, with two small drawers on one side and the other side has a bit cut away so you can get right up close to your machine. Dead good. It's definitely made me far more focussed and productive, having a specific working area. (when I can drag myself away from the internet....) Having spent a while on craft blogs today, I'm wondering whether I should do this to it eventually? It is a very nice bit of furniture as it is, but it's also fairly set in it's own decade, so could do with a bit of personalisation and sprucing I think. Something to mull over whilst getting to work! (Tomorrow.)

Current projects on the go:
  • Getting everything set up to do a run of screen printed T-shirts for the university's knitting society that I'm a member of
  • Spring bunting
What's for dinner?:
Shepherd's Pie Potatoes

And finally:
Lissie - When I'm Alone

P.S. I've now added a links page, which you will find in the tabs at the top of this page. Plenty there to get your crafty teeth into!

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