Thursday, 12 January 2012

Don't Panic!

OK, so my brief lapse in posting was mainly due to the fact that I thought I was a goner.

I thought I had broken my internets.

Scary times. However, with le Boof on the case we eventually discovered it was a USB hub I had recently plugged into my PC that was a bit dodgy that had mucked about with things. All is now back to normal, panic is over and I can get back to sharing all the crafty things I have been doing to avoid doing real work. *ahem*

This morning (afternoon) le Boof decided he wanted pancakes for breakfast (lunch). After whipping up a batch of batter I thought I'd get a little creative and try some pancake art (far better and more creative versions can be found here).  This is how to go about it.

Make up a batch of pancake batter (my recipe of choice is below). Pop about a fifth/quarter if it into an icing bottle

Pop in a little of your food colouring of choice. I went for red. With your finger over the end of the nozzle, give it a good shake to get the colour mixed in evenly.

Get a frying pan nice and hot. I tend to put some oil in the pan while it's getting up to heat then (very carefully!) wipe most of it away with some kitchen towel. Then pipe your message or picture onto the pan. It took me a couple of tries to get used to how fast the batter would come out of the bottle. This was fine though as it provided me with nibbles while I was making the actual pancakes. Don't forget to pipe any words backwards (this constituted most of my nibbles)

Leave your piped decorations until they look just about cooked through then pour over a ladle full or so (or however much you normally put in per pancake) of your plain pancake batter.  

My recipe of choice for making pancakes is  
125g of plain flour, 1 egg and 300ml milk 
All popped in a bowl and whisked up until there's no lumps, then left for 5 minutes to settle. 
This makes 8 large but quite thin pancakes. Which, when filled with things like cheese and chutney or lemon curd and sugar, is plenty for two people for breakfast (lunch), but you can always scale up for more people or larger appetites.

I remember when I was searching for a recipe for pancakes a while a go I couldn't find one without butter in it, which I've never heard of before. This one is the one my Ma's always used and therefore, to me, is how pancakes should be made.

Le Boof was over the moon at his personalised pancake. I might do them again for Valentine's day.

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           (A fantastic rendition of one of my favourite songs from their first album. OKGo are one of those bands who are forever making things fun and lovely.)


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