Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lurgie-Fighting Cupcakes!

Despite having had the lurgie for the last couple of days, and making it the excuse I gave to myself for not updating sooner, I seem to have gotten quiet a lot of things done/made. I wonder whether it might have been my unconscious mind walking me into the kitchen to bake without me realising it.

First off I bought some more seeds, and have planted my first crop *fanfare*

Ok, so it's only sprouting seeds, but still. Next up will be my strawberries.

I've been eyeing up mini greenhouses recently. As we don't really have a lot of space to be used up by seedlings in the flat (sadface) I think it might be a good idea for the balcony. It would mean I could start planting things earlier without worrying about the mean Yorkshire temperatures stopping them from germinating. Having gone through all my seed packets and making a chart to compare when things can be sown, there won't be any more proper planting until March. Next I need to make a space plan and work out what can fit in where on the balcony and what containers I will need (as many hanging baskets as possible!).

As we all know, Vitamin C is one of the best things to take when you're suffering with a cold. I decided it would probably a far more efficient way of getting vitamins into my body by putting all the vitamin C into...

....cupcakes of course!

These babies are carrot cake with orange zest and raisins in. Take that, cold! (I do feel better now so they must have worked).

Usually, the main problem that arises when I have a desire to make carrot cake is that le Boof does not like nuts. Especially in his cake. To him, each little tasty nugget of walnut (or pecan omnom) would be a tiny little nugget of betrayal. Which is a shame because I love nuts in my carrot cake, I like the contrast between super spongey cake and crunchy nuts. However, with the recipe I found for these cupcakes (masquerading as muffins, although only in size. Let's be honest, no one can be satisfied with a cupcake sized portion of cake.) walnuts are replaced with raisins! Fantastic! I love them, le Boof loves them, he said the raisins worked really well in them. No more colds for us. We'll be packed full of vitamin C any time I've baked a batch of these!

The recipe I used to make them is here, but I used a proper carrot cake icing: 180g cream cheese, 50g icing sugar and 90g butter instead of the dribble drizzle they suggest in the cake recipe.

I've been meaning to make a needle case for all my knitting needles for a while, my DPNs in particular. My first attempt ended awfully. I honestly couldn't tell you why I thought it might be a good idea to try and make something with nice neat straight lines with two different types of stretchy material, but that got put away in the oddbits material bag quick swiftly (after fiddling with the things for about an hour). Whilst in the oddbits bag I found a nice sturdy piece of material and I knocked one up in a matter of minutes.There's no particular reason for the snail, just that it's been hanging around in the bottom of my sewing box for years now, and I finally decided to give it a home.

I was planning to make some kind of rough tutorial for this, but I got so excited about making it, and it actually working, that I completely forgot to take pictures of each step. I'm planning on making another for my normal needles so hopefully I'll remember then and get a tute up.

And finally; slowly but surely the bunting is spreading round the house. The bathroom was the latest target.

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