Thursday, 19 January 2012

Project Round Up

For the Christmas just gone (it seems to close still to say last year) I set myself the task of making everyone's presents. Mainly for financial reasons but also because it's something I've always wanted to do. Before I have ended up maybe making a couple of things and then running out of time. This year I was finally successful, so for an entire blissful week before Christmas I spent all my free time either knitting or baking.

Even when I've not made everyone's Christmas presents, there's always plenty of things to get done and to focus on leading up to the big day, so when it gets to the week after I feel direction-less and uninspired.

I don't know what happened this year.

It's like I've been taken over by some kind of arts and crafts (baking and gardening too) spirit and completely forgot that not only did Christmas come and go in a flash, but I survived coming back up to our flat in the cold North after spending a wonderful week surrounded by family and friends.

So far I have made my first (wall hanging) quilt, made the first few of many decorations for our flat to make it look pretty and less dilapidated inside (peeling wallpaper and weird greasy marks on the walls need covering up!). Not only that but I've also secured myself a part time job up here, which is fantastic, and I've got a fairly good idea of what my planting plan will be for the balcony in the spring.

Some colourful crocheted bunting. I think there'll be more of this.

A nice wonky wall hanging quilt to keepthe door buzzer
phone company

Bringing the outside in. I might continue this
theme through into the kitchen.

I bought my first batch of seeds for the spring last week, there's a few more things I want to get seeds for but I'm mainly there with them I think (there's only so much space on the balcony!). Due to the space restrictions, i.e. only having the balcony as my space to grow things in, I'm going to try some ideas like putting plants in the bottom of hanging baskets as well as the top. So I could have my strawberries or tomatoes growing from the bottom of the basket and maybe peas or flowers growing out of the top. I'm going to invest in some stacking plant pots like these, maybe for herbs or smaller plants too. Basically cramming as much into our little balcony as possible. Oh, with space for a small garden table and two chairs too. I'll let you know how that goes.

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