Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Job, Cheeky Mince Pies and Crochet Triangles

After a good three long months of being in York I have finally secured a form of employment up here! Admittedly it's only a part time job, but it feels really nice to have finally been given a chance to show that I am capable of doing things. It's been very frustrating going to interviews or trial shifts where I don't actually do anything and then being turned down due to a lack of experience, when they've not given me an opportunity to show that it actually doesn't matter that I've not been doing certain jobs for very long. </rant>

Anyway.... So now on top of my seamstressing, I work in a lovely food shop, one with a delightful deli and all those interesting foods you can never seem to find anywhere else and all sorts of organic and local produce. The only problem with it is is the cheese counter. I want it all! All of the cheese. In my tummy. And the shop is only round the corner from the flat on our wonderful local high street, with it's two greengrocers, proper butcher, fish and chips shop and proper hardware shop. So right now I'm fairly chuffed at that, and the extra income's a plus too, of course!

Shhh don't tell anyone but I may have made a naughty batch of mince pies last night. I know it's not Christmas any more but I did have some homemade mincemeat left over *and* left over mince pie pastry (admittedly safe in the freezer, but no-one needs to know that.) So yeah, here's the very last of Christmas, hidden away in a sweetie box with our last bit of my Ma's Christmas cake.

It's now my secret Christmas stash. As much as I love my Ma's Christmas cake, I'm finding it hard to eat the last piece, as there's such a wonderful festive smell when you open the box. I'm sure I'll have a weak day and nom it all soon. But until then, I'll just poke my nose in the box and inhale deeply.

And finally, on a slightly more sane note, the crocheted triangle bunting's coming along nicely. I've been obsessively playing a game called Eufloria and making them in the evenings recently. Not quite enough to fill the house with lovely colours yet, but I've got plenty of time.

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