Monday, 2 January 2012

Bunting, Tortillas and Chutney

Not so much of a New Year’s resolution as something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while now, but I’m planning to get this blog going again. I’ve got lots of things I was up to over Christmas - all outgoing gifts were entirely hand made, I’ll pop up pics and recipes/tutorials eventually.

For now this was what I was up to today:

First off, there’s a batch of spiced apple chutney on the hob as we speak, the far more attractive before shot is what you see above. It’s a big pot of vinegar-y smelling brown goop at the moment, however, I know from experience it will taste very nice when finished!

We had home made tortillas for lunch, which were incredibly easy to make, I don’t know why I had it stuck in my head that they might take a long time or not be worth the hassle. I used this recipe - Flour Tortilla Wraps. I didn’t really fancy 60 wraps at the time, so I divided all quantities by four. That made more than enough for le Boof and myself for lunch (there’s still five of them in the fridge, waiting for when Boof gets the nibbles).

Faced with the threat of having a naked flat again when the Christmas decorations have to come down later in the week (sadface), I’ve decided I shall crochet some jolly spring bunting. I’ll update with pics in a later post, as there are only two currently. The pattern I’m using for them is here, I’ve been changing colours for every new round. If you’ve never tried crochet, it’s definitely worth giving a go. Apparently it’s easier than knitting, although I’ve been knitting for much longer than I’ve crocheted for, so it’s hard for me to tell!

So there we are, that was nice and painless. I just have to remember to take lots and lots of pictures of everything I do. Le Boof will be pleased!

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